3 kids and 34 miles of travel

Mum loves a country walk. Her iPad-obsessed offspring are less keen. How would they cope with four days on the trail?

The Easter holidays were approaching. After a busy term at school, our children were worn out, wan-faced and slumped over the iPad.

“The sun’s shining,” I moaned to their dad. “Why aren’t we out there?”

Mat and I love hiking. Well, loved hiking. We’ve not done much of it since the kids arrived. We always hoped to get them hooked, too, when they were old enough — and now, aged 11, 9 and 7, they’re in that sweet spot where they can climb a stile, but don’t want most walks to end in a snog outside Nando’s. With holidays beckoning, could we stride out as a family and trade the instant gratification of YouTube for a real adventure?

Read the full feature on The Times online.

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