The name’s Bond. Jane Bond

So Bond is back and the reviews are just in. Spectre promises to be the most explosive outing to date for Daniel Craig. But with Craig only signed up to one more film, rumours are already flying as to his successor. (Damian Lewis? Idris Alba?) As the boys vie to be bookies’ favourite for Bond, I can’t be the only woman to say: Sod James. Isn’t it time we had a Jane? Ian Fleming, for one, would love it.

“Never say ‘no’ to adventures,” he urged. “Always say ‘yes’”. So let’s say ‘yes’ to a Lady-Bond. So what if it sounds like a pelvic floor sealant? Perhaps it’s time to flex our female muscle – if only to rattle that recalcitrant, old time traveller, Dr Who. Reincarnated 12 times, the Time Lord is showing no signs of becoming a Lady.

While his current assistant, Jenni Colman, feels it’s inevitable – “a matter of casting the right actor” – her boss, Steve Moffat has ducked giving a definitive nod. Perhaps he, like actor Peter Davison – who played the Doctor from 1981-1984 – believes having a female incarnation “would be rather an odd thing”…as odd, Davison believes, “as having a female James Bond”.

I disagree. I believe it’s time we had a female Bond – if for no other reason than to achieve a Mr Moneypenny. (How do you fancy Channing Tatum in a swivel chair? Or The Rock on Excel?). In an attempt to kick-start debate, I’ve compiled a shortlist – and seek your feedback on my nominations to Bond…Jane Bond.

Read my shortlist over on the Telegraph Online
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