MC Beaton’s The Blood of an Englishman

I recently reviewed MC Beaton’s latest Agatha Raisin mystery for Harrogate International Festivals…

THE BLOOD OF AN ENGLISHMAN sees heroine Agatha grappling with an ungenial giant, a violent blacksmith and some highly amorous amateur dramatics.

The scene opens on the Winter Parva pantomime. Forced to sit through an am-dram mash-up of every fairy tale ever told, Agatha only rallies when the unfriendly giant gets himself killed mid-show: Machinery is sabotaged, a scream goes up – and local man Bert Simple finds his dramatic hopes spiked.

This is the cue for Agatha – and her delighted readers – to set off on yet another murderous romp through the Cotswolds. As ever, the most respectable of characters prove certifiably insane; the prettiest villages host the most macabre of murders. THE BLOOD OF AN ENGLISHMAN ends with a reveal that should have readers swearing off meat pies for life!

Read more on the website


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